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Seafreights LCL, FCL, Special equiments, bulk as well as air shipments loaded to or from worldwide origins and destionations. We are confident with the most known ports and airports of various areas: Asia, Near, middle and far east, America, Africa and Europe. Why to use us?

Reason 1:    We can arrange sea, air and truck shipments
Reason 2:    Traffics routed throught the most qualified italian ports and airports, with support of "in loco" persons
Reason 3:    Range of shipment from few kilos up to tons (LCL/FCL/SPECIAL EQUIPMENTS/CONVENTIONAL)
Reason 4:    Intermodal truck/rail combined transport used whenever possible
Reason 5:    Planning and sheduling of each shipment. Transit time, service and related costs are known and selected by customer as per his needs.

The above, which means and could only be performed by a good organization, finally gives three results. In other words three advantages:

Advantage 1:    We are EFFICIENT
Advantage 2:    We are not expensive and daily related with the market level prices
Advantage 3:    We TAKE CARE of our clients.


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